Sexual Freedom Must Be for Everyone

Sexual freedom is known as the authority to lawfully live with and love the person you want,
when you want, and how you want without cultural or medical oppression.
The freedom flows from the belief that human sexuality cannot be prescribed or legislated as it
helps us to set boundaries for ourselves and allows us to portray any self-image.

According to Foner (2012), in the book titled “Give Me Liberty! An American History,” he said
sexual freedom was not a social reform but it was rather a movement that represented the
personal revolting and individual independence of women. Women’s right to sexual satisfaction these days can be in several forms depending on how she wants with the coming in of things like clitorises and vibrators. But I do believe that the freedom to have whatever kind of sex we want is still the only way we can obtain the problems of attaining sexual freedom even though with the older generations and by society in general some take it as a bad habit and call names to such incidents unknowingly it is the person’s right to do what he or she feels like.

Exercising freedom can be exhausting especially if you live with strict people, this freedom can
result in coercion. That is what I like about South Africa the citizens have the right to sexual
freedom and no one can judge you.

When I was a child, my grandmother would sometimes tell me about her adolescence. She told
me about how she was married against her will at the age of sixteen to an older man and she
described to me how back in the days it was for someone to choose one to marry because the
parents would choose for you. She described to me that she didn’t enjoy her motherhood as she
was still a minor. When I hear the word sexual freedom, I always think of my grandmother and now with our generation it is different even if in some countries like India they still follow traditions but for
me I am free and no one is going to marry me off against my will.

In my opinion, men view sexual freedom in a negative manner in that looking from the 19th
century perspective a woman had to be a virgin until she gets married even if the man was no
longer a virgin hence societal men sometimes put females down for being sexually independent.
Fortunately, with the change of things in this generation women do not choose to wait till
marriage to lose their virginity which is according to their personal choice.
To add on, I give credit to the founder of Inside My Purse as the blog creates informative space
for females to share content about sexual and reproductive health and one of the articles recently
posted which was titled ‘Sex, a Wondrous Continuous Journey of Self-Acceptance,’ is therefore a
great article to me because it brings out the point of sexual freedom when the author said, “I
never blame youngsters who indulge in sex because they are responding, just like all of us
‘grownups, to their natural longings.” This therefore reveals that you set boundaries for yourself
about living an open-life.

Sexual freedom is now different from past generations as seen in one of the films called ‘Adore’
which is a 2013 drama film which tells the story of a pair of middle-aged women who are best
friends and have sex with each other’s teenage sons, and the resultant of doing what one feels
like even if it improper to other people they had the freedom to express their affairs.
On the other note, in Panama recently an average of 18 crimes against freedom and sexual
integrity are committed each day and this has increased due to the advent of new technology
which differs from past generations where that was less technology such that now as long as the
child has internet access crimes of sexual abuse increase.

Therefore, with sexual freedom you get to genuinely accept yourself for who you are and don’t
have to hide your identity to the others.

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