Inside My Purse is partnering with a network of contributors from different walks of life with compelling and inspiring SRHR stories, including about HIV/AIDS.

These women have committed to sharing their personal and professional experiences as well as information and resources, and to engaging in meaningful dialogue.

If you have something to share, a tinge of interest and a passion for shaping the discourse in your community on issues surrounding SRHR, including HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence, please contact us to inquire about joining our network of contributors. For the purposes of this blog, SRHR encompasses matters relating to the reproductive system, including menstrual health, pregnancy and childbirth, as well as sexual and reproductive health services and needs such as contraception, sexually transmitted infections, cervical cancer and violence against women and girls.

We believe that a broad network will enhance diversity of the blog’s content and improve the quality and reach of our dialogue on a variety of issues affecting women. Embarking with us on this exciting journey will expand your connection to like-minded people and hopefully be an enriching experience for you personally and professionally.

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