Period Tracker Apps: Managing your period and Why it’s Important

Tracking your menstrual or period cycle is about keeping track of when you menstruate and writing down details about your cycle. The process used to be done with a calendar and a pen, but there are now many excellent period-tracking apps that simplify it greatly. In fact, more than 100 million women worldwide have used specialized period monitoring apps for health and self-awareness since 2014. Women and girls are increasingly utilizing smartphones to monitor their menstrual cycles. There are many free applications available for iPhone and Android smartphones.

How do they predict what will happen?

Keeping track of your period is crucial for a variety of reasons, including helping you understand your unique patterns, boosting your awareness of your general health and wellbeing, and helping you understand and manage your mood at various times of the month.

When your period will come, how long it will last and what premenstrual symptoms you might anticipate?

The more closely you know your own body and its cycles, the easier it is to notice when anything is wrong. Not only that, but a change in menstruation cycle is often the first evident indication of a variety of women’s health disorders, some of which have no obvious relation to the reproductive organs.

Women sometimes skip their periods or have menstrual fluctuations after starting a new fitness program, gaining, or losing a considerable amount of weight, or just going through a stressful period. Knowing these vital data will help you and your healthcare practitioner better manage your health and prepare you for future menstrual symptoms. Keeping track of your menstrual cycle and other monthly changes offers the ability to assess your general health.

These apps can help you keep track of your menstrual cycle

There are computer applications, internet trackers, and smartphone apps that allow you to keep track of any aspect imaginable. There are nearly 1,000 accessible period tracking apps, and the list below includes just a few of these.

FLO App – This is a free software, however there is an alternative monthly membership service where you may pay for more articles and information. Flo presently has over 28 million global users and is the most downloaded health app on the internet.

Period Tracker – This software is also free, and some report it works especially well for individuals who have irregular periods. When your period begins and finishes, you touch the screen, and the software builds up a picture of when you are most likely to get your period over time.

Inside my Purse is here to offer knowledge, which is why it’s critical that you take an active role in your health by keeping track of your periods and visiting a clinic near you if there is anything you don’t understand about your period.

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