Bathroom conversations

In this day and age, as young women, we can’t afford to be ignorant about things like sex, health and general wellbeing. Somehow it seems like talking about these things is just unacceptable but that shouldn’t be the case. We need to seek out information and educate ourselves. No matter how embarrassing or silly it may seem, we need to allow ourselves to be curious and explore the world around us in a responsible way. One of the ways we can do this is by having these conversations with each other. We need to have these ‘Bathroom Conversations’ where we openly talk about the things we whisper about. So, allow me to take the first step in starting the conversation….

But what is a Bathroom Conversation?

We’ve all experienced an instance when you’re in a public restroom, checking your hair and you say something to the woman next to you. In some cases, its random small talk. But in other instances, you find yourself completely engaged with a perfect stranger and in that moment, you’re sharing compliments, advice or even personal feelings or opinions. In those situations, you usually walk away with a smile on your face because you shared an intimate moment with another woman by simply exchanging information. That is a Bathroom Conversation.

These conversations might be easier to have because you’re talking to someone you don’t know and who you think won’t judge you or because the bathroom is a safe environment, who knows? The point is we need to have more of these conversations where just for a moment we actually engage with one another as women, give advice, share knowledge and reassurance.

But it needs to go even further, we need to talk about the things that we are told not to, things we’re shy or afraid of talking about. Those are the exact things we need to be discussing. If we as women don’t engage, share and learn from each other, the future will truly be doomed.

So, let’s talk…

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  2. Irene Hware says:

    I love this and i think it will help me boost my confidence as a young woman

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      Hi Irene,

      We are glad that content on the blog can assist you with your self-confidence as we believe all young women deserve to feel their best always!

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