Contraception is key

Sexual and reproductive health rights are one of my biggest passions. I believe that everyone has a right to enjoy safe and consensual sexual intercourse without the fear of unintentionally becoming pregnant, before being ready for it. This is evidently more fundamental to women; for they bear the responsibility not only to carry the baby but also to nurture, care for and, in more cases than one, fully provide for the bundle of joy. Too often, the responsibility to care for a child before a woman is ready to do so can spell shattered dreams, sacrifice and pain.

As women, we all have dreams and aspirations; dreams to win, be the best version of ourselves in every single area of our lives, compete favorably with men in this patriarchal society–honestly the list is endless. However, this is only possible if we get to have the right to control the rhythm and narrative of not only our sexuality but most importantly our productivity. Many women get excited when they see babies; their prams, colorful sheets and clothes, their shoes, their socks, their cute little feet. But motherhood is about much more than that. To me, the idea that every sexual encounter could potentially lead to pregnancy is honestly very scary, unreasonable and gut wrenching.

As a mother of two, I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like if I had not been too afraid to use the countless number of contraception options available to me while at university. Surely in the 21st century this sounds absurd to some, but I actually popped my second born a year and a half after the first. Now if you do the math you can clearly see how quickly I conceived after the first baby. My girls are my world, I would do everything in my power for them. But sometimes I imagine what life would be like if I had properly finished law school and flourished in my career. I would be more fulfilled and financially stable and probably more mentally prepared to be a mother.

Contraception I can say is not only every woman’s power, it’s our right! Our ticket to protected dreams and a brighter future! Natural or synthetic, contraception is the best and most effective way for a woman to keep and wield her power. It ensures that during those hours, minutes or even seconds of bliss when the sperms and eggs get to tango, a woman’s life and consent are safe in her hands. It removes the fear and judgment from a not so smart one-night stand and also gives a married woman the right to choose when to ‘close shop’. Contraception gives women the ability to plan their reproduction calendar in a way that makes sense to them individually, thus safely guarding their dreams and aspirations.

Contraception is key in a woman’s life and I believe that if every woman is sensitized and given the right to freely choose and use the contraceptive method of their choice, this world would be a much better place for a woman and her dreams.

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