Get more out of student life this year

Hey little sister, are you thinking of going to varsity or already in varsity? Then this is what you need to know. It is easier for me to tell you more about it because I’ve walked that road. It wasn’t an easy one yet I made it through.

Figure out your purpose

Do you know what you want to do? Are you passionate about what you are studying? These are the kind of questions you should be asking yourself because they determine your future.

With all that freedom, you will need to surround yourself with good people that will not only build you up but also remind you of your purpose and the reasons you are in varsity. Are you staying at res or in a student commune? Don’t let the pressure get to you. In life, there always will be someone who has more clothes than you, who drives a better car and who has more marks than you. But are you there to compete or to better your life?

Stick to your purpose

Attend those classes that you feel are boring, they are in your course for a reason. Don’t study only when you are going to write a test or an exam, study during your free time so you don’t put yourself under pressure when it is test and exam time. Planning is key, always plan ahead, plan your time properly and draw up a study timetable for yourself. Lecturers do not give away marks, you work for them.

Does this mean you will not have a social life? That’s up to you and how you manage your time. It is possible to balance your school work and your social life. You will need to go to the movies just to refresh your mind, trust me.

Be able to ditch your friends for that party on Saturday if it’s going to affect your school work, no matter what you do, have a purpose, stay focused and never compromise your school work for anything, it’s not worth it. Varsity teaches you independence, it’s the survival of the strongest. There is no one to babysit you, you need to make wise decisions for yourself to survive. I survived and I believe you can too.

It’s normal to have ups and downs

I know it will get tough, it really does get tough. Make use of the campus facilities and talk to someone if you feel you need to. Taking care of yourself is very important, physically and mentally. You need to be in a good mental state to be productive and also need to be healthy to live a happy life. Take responsibility for your actions and if it costs your health, then avoid it.

I mean, baby girl! You survived high school, what is varsity to you? You are you, no one is like you, and that is your super power! And remember failure doesn’t mean it’s over.

I did it, you can do it too.

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