From one sister to another

Hey little sis… This world comes with its challenges: some bigger than others but challenges nonetheless. But, the world can also be seen as your oyster. As much as that statement is cliché, it is very true.

As a young girl, your main priorities were to go to school, get good grades and have a group of friends you could have fun with. Fun being going to the mall, sleepovers and of course, gossiping about your latest crush. As you get older, things start to get a little harder especially when doing matric.

Some of the changes I experienced were: trying to maintain good marks, understanding the changes my body was going through and trying to position myself as an individual with my own thoughts and ideas. Of course, I also had to fight against peer pressure which included drinking, smoking and sex.

After a while, the things that once mattered to you start to fall away and get replaced by other pressing issues that don’t come with a how-to guide.

Life after matric is a huge adjustment. You are trying to find yourself out of high school and trying to position yourself in this adult world. I think I got the biggest wake-up call after high school because my biggest struggle was waking up every day and trying to be bigger than what my dreams are. Asking myself questions like” how will I go about achieving those dreams?” The struggle is now trying to find a balance between reaching your ultimate goals and not conforming to what society expects you to do.

Society has so many prerequisites for you to be considered “a real woman” by their standards. These include having a successful career, getting married to a certain kind of a man and having kids. If you have not attained those by a certain age, there’s something wrong with you.

The thing about those expectations is that not all women want to tick those boxes ‘they’ say you should. I always find it easier to do the things that make me fully content. If my heart and soul are not happy, then I know I’m doing something wrong. Follow your heart for it may lead you to wonderful and beautiful opportunities.

What I have learnt from my various life experiences is that you need to have a strong support system whether its family, friends or even a mentor. Having support makes the things you face a little more bearable.  Another lesson learnt is having confidence and being independent. Confidence is something every girl needs. Self-confidence in knowing who you are, and loving who you are completely and wholeheartedly, will allow you to follow your dreams.

I believe that confidence is the strongest foundation to build your brand. The great thing about building a brand is that it will form part of your legacy when you depart from the world.  Your legacy should speak to; how you helped, supported and empowered all women. There is nothing more liberating than a woman knowing that she is independent; the feeling of being able to do things on your own accord. We as women shouldn’t let society dictate what and who we are. So, let the power of Women’s Day go beyond women’s month, let’s carry the empowering spirit daily. Let it be like the purse you carry every day or the perfume you put on in the morning.

Let us show appreciation to the queens we are. Let our voices echo around every inch of the world. Let us uplift one another and give the voiceless the courage to speak up.

Us women have got to stick together and wherever we can, we got to help a sista out. I promise to be here for any of you reading this. Whether you need to cry, talk or even laugh.

I got you!

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