I choose to be alive

In October, most students are preparing for exams in South Africa but here I was contemplating suicide. I walked into the clinic with my friend as we always do when we go for our quarterly check-ups and I walked out a different person. My life was shattered when the friendly doctor told me I was…

The day my abusive father rescued me from my abuser

Many of us have direct or indirect experiences with gender-based violence and very few of us know where to go for help Growing up, I witnessed my father beat up my mother daily. My childhood memories are filled with images of my father hitting my mother and my younger siblings and I trying to intervene….

Wanted: Young women’s views!

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Help shape the future of HIV prevention!

Population Council is looking for feedback from women that could help inform how future HIV, STI and pregnancy prevention products are designed. Click here to take part in the survey!

International Women’s Day

 A healthy world starts with healthy women On this International Women’s Day, it has never been more urgent to ensure women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights, so that women everywhere have the opportunity to stay healthy and achieve their goals. The leading causes of death among women of reproductive age worldwide are HIV/AIDS and…